November Owlcrate

November’s Owlcrate box was another totally awesome one. We got lots of totally cool stuff. The bookish trinkets seem to get better every month!

We got another Lord of the Rings bowl. This one was from Gondor. Now we have three of those bowls up on the bookshelf.

We got a handwarmer. It’s the type with a metal bit inside it and when you click the metal bit it starts a reaction that solidifies the liquid in it and makes it hot. The heat lasts for hours and then you just boil it to make it return to liquid all ready for next time you need it. Ani took that home with her.

There was a sweet leaf soap dish. Ani and I use liquid soap so we gave it to my parents. They are very happy with their new soap dish and their soap is happy to be able to air dry between uses.

We got a wooden toothbrush and travel case to put it in and a new literary luggage tag pin. I kept both of those.

I’m very excited about the reading planner (I kept that as well). It’s so nice and I can’t wait to start using it (planning to beginning in January).

The book this month was The Luminaries by Susan Dennard. It sounds like it’ll be another good one. So far all the ones I’ve read have been.

The inside of the Owlcrate dust jackets are always so well done. The inside of this one was no exception. If you love books and bookish stuff, check out Owlcrate. You won’t regret it.

Go to School!

Joel definitely likes his position as only child while the others are in school. The first day of Thanksgiving Break he wanted them to leave and go to school. He was very disappointed to learn it would be a week before they went back. He’s not going to be happy when he learns about the much longer Christmas Break.

November Reads

I read seven books in November for a total of 2983 pages. I started the month off with a bang with The Perfect Family by Shalini Boland. I gave it five stars. I like psychological thrillers anyway, but this one caught me off guard all the way in the epilogue. I need to check out other books by that author. After that I read Remember Me: The Return by Christopher Pike. I gave it three stars. It just wasn’t nearly as good as the original book in the trilogy. That was kind of a letdown.

Next I read The Outsiders by SE Hinton. I gave it five stars. Adrian read it in 8th grade English last year and loved it. I can see why. It’s amazing that a 15-year-old girl wrote a novel that still holds up today, over 50 years later. Then I read The Man With the Sawed-Off Leg by Daniel J. Wakin. I gave it two stars. It was a book that didn’t really know exactly what it wanted to be and didn’t succeed at any of the options.

After that I read The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman. I gave it three stars. It was hard to keep the characters straight there were just so many of them. That was the November choice for my real life book club (though I missed the meeting due to being super sick). My next book was Remember Me: The Final Story by Christopher Pike. I gave it two stars. I feel like the author should’ve just stopped after the first book of the trilogy. Let it be a standalone and not continue the story at all. My final book of the month was Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas. I gave it three stars. I have a like/hate (nowhere near love) relationship with the Throne of Glass series. The last half of the book was pretty good and the last 3% was amazing.

My favorite book of the month: The Perfect Family by Shalini Boland

My least favorite book of the month: The Man With the Sawed-Off Leg by Daniel J. Wakin

Number of 5 Star Books: 2
Number of 4 Star Books: 0
Number of 3 Star Books: 3
Number of 2 Star Books: 2
Number of 1 Star Books: 0

105/100 books read for my goal of the year… I met my goal!

I cleared out a good portion of my November TBR (currently in the middle of reading a few of them) so a lot of the books on this month’s TBR are new ones. In addition to the books rolled over from November’s TBR, I’ve added the rest of the books for the giant BINGO I’ve been chipping away at since 2020 as well as a few others so it’s up to 15 books.

Black Friday in the ER

I spent several hours in the ER on Black Friday. I coughed so hard that something in my back popped. And then it hurt. It hurt so, so much. So we went to the ER for some x-rays which revealed that I did not break any ribs. Instead, thanks to EDS, I stretched my connective tissue too far.

On the plus side, I know how to deal with those sort of injuries. On the minus side, I also know that it’ll be 6-12 months before the pain is completely gone. For now I’m taking pain medicine and listening to my body telling me it’s time to rest so I will get better.

A Note From Anthony

I’ve been sick for several weeks and on Thanksgiving Anthony gave me this note. He said it says “Not feeling good.” I’m not sure if he meant it to be a get well card for me or something for me to hold up to tell people I’m not feeling good. Either way I thought it was super cute and it now lives in the front pocket of my book sleeve.

Helping With Thanksgiving Dinner

I’ve been sick for several weeks with a respiratory thing. After prepping some things for Thanksgiving Wednesday night I woke up quite a it worse on Thanksgiving. Luckily we had already arranged for Cameron to come help cook Thursday morning.

Zeke jumped in and helped for a while, too. He worked hard on the green bean casserole. He loves helping in the kitchen (he also loves flashing that peace sign in pictures which totally cracks me up).

One of the things Cameron helped make was the stuffing. Chopping the onions for it of course made his eyes tear so I told him putting your head in the freezer can help stop the tears so he did it. Opened up the freezer and stuck his head right in (as it turns out it didn’t help much).

The best part of the picture I took with Cameron’s head in the freezer, though, was my mom. She got quite the kick out of him doing that. The only thing better than having much needed help with cooking Thanksgiving dinner is having fun while you do it!