May Owlcrate

This month’s Owlcrate is full of hits as usual. The book itself is gorgeous. Sprayed edges are just so pretty so of course as soon as I saw it I was in love.

Included in the box was another Lord of the Rings bowl. This one for Rohan. There’s a wax seal kit. The image is an open book. There are three small, translucent, and absolutely beautiful bookmarks. These bookmarks (along with tons of other bookmarks I’ve collected) fit perfectly in the bookmark tin.

This year’s fifth hinged pin is very pretty. I especially like the flame coming out of it. The words from the beginning of the book are written right in it which is quite neat.

Then there’s the book itself. Wow. It’s Divine Rivals by Rebecca Ross. It sounds very interesting. I’m looking forward to reading this one! The outside of the dust jack is so pretty (I love anything purple) and the sprayed edges are amazing. It’s even got a built in ribbon bookmark which might be my favorite thing about how the book looks.

Inside, the endpapers are beautiful and the inside of the dust jacket is gorgeous. I always love the inside of the dust jackets of these Owlcrate books.

Pre-K Progress Reports

Nicholas and Noah got their final pre-k progress reports last week. They both are making progress on asking questions about new concepts and things they don’t understand. They have both mastered holding a writing tool with a functional grip, identifying their name in isolation, and taking to adults at school. Noah has also mastered drawing a person with a head, body, and limbs and Nicholas is making progress on that skill. They both engage in social play with the other children. (I have actually never seen evidence that Noah holds his writing tool correctly or can draw a person and he is only semi-verbal, but they always score him very high while Nicholas’ teacher is more realistic about what the kids can do.)


For Mother’s Day Haley and Ani came over and watched the kids while Jamie and I went to eat at Wild, an Asian Barbecue and Hot Pot.

The food was so good and it was really fun cooking it in the little barbecue pit in the middle of our table. The food was so good, too!

Some Costumes

I love when we are getting toward time for the dance showcase and costumes start coming home.

Mayci and Anthony are in a different ballet/jazz class than Nicholas, but they’ll dance together at the showcase. They will be dancing to What Else Can I Do? from Encanto.

These costumes are for their hip hop routine. They’ll be dancing to A Million Dreams from The Greatest Showman.

This costume is for Mayci and Zeke’s ballet routine from their ballet/tap class. They’ll be dancing to Shake It Off by Taylor Swift.

One of these is for Zeke’s musical theater class and the other is for his acting class. He’s completely convinced that the black shirt is made from trash bags.