We’re Back, Ani’s 6

We got back from Florida on Thursday afternoon. Ani’s 6th birthday Wednesday was spent mostly in the car. She didn’t seem to mind, though. She was more irritated at me when I said we weren’t doing school on Friday.

Yesterday we had off from school again for Presidents Day. Ani was a little less annoyed about that because Jamie was home from work and we went to lunch to celebrate her birthday.

Speaking of that lunch, Friendly’s has got to be the slowest restaurant in the world. Ani really wanted to go there because she wanted one of the colored drinks they have (Cameron got red, Ani sky blue – both taste gross to me but the kids liked them). It took forever for us just to get seated let alone get our food and stuff. It seems that no matter how busy (or not) they are the waiters rush around like crazy yet never seem to accomplish much. After we ate Ani and I went to the ladies room and it was utterly disgusting. I almost walked right back out but I really had to go. I almost lost my lunch (quite literally) it was so nasty. It looked like a very dirty toilet had vomited all over the floor and no one had cleaned it up. When we walked out our feet were sticking to the floor. I don’t think I ever want to go back there again.

While we were in FL and on the way down and back Ani did a bit of school. She did a couple lessons of Math-U-See and several pages of Spelling Workout A. Her cousin (age 12) is now being homeschooled due to the amount of time she spends at the gym doing gymnastics. She was already missing a bit of school for it. She is doing correspondence with Laurel Springs. Anyway, one day Ani asked her cousin if they could do school together. So they sat side by side doing spelling. It was so funny and cute.

I organized some of the kids’ books last night. I moved their games to their closet and their chapter books from piles (we had too many for the bookcase they had been in) to the shelves where the games used to be. Then I went through the piles of books in the regular bookcase (we have a LOT of bookcases in this place!) and organized them somewhat by size and type. In among all those books was the Alpha Math-U-See DVD. Glad I found it so we don’t have to worry about replacing it. My kids have a lot of pre-level 1 through level 2 readers. Ani has a couple level 3′s and 4′s. She prefers to read chapter books instead of those readers now.


My grandmother died yesterday morning and the kids and I are riding to Florida with an aunt and uncle leaving tomorrow morning. I’m not sure when we’ll get back so we’re canceling school for the next week. We were going to skip Wednesday anyway since that’s Ani’s 6th birthday. That’s one of the nice things about homeschooling. If something comes up you can adjust your schooling. No excuses to write, it’s all up to you.

Books and Homework and the New Baby

We keep track of the number of books we read to the kids/Ani reads. From September 1st to January 31st that number was over 1,000 books. Considering a lot of them are chapter books, we sure do read a lot around here!

Ani has been asking for homework. I’ve been resisting because, after all, all the schoolwork she does is at home. After we finished school today she brings me a piece of paper and asks me to make her homework. Specifically she wanted counting by 2′s, 5′s, and 10′s (3 Math-U-See review-ish lessons). So I made a page for her to count by 2′s to 100, 5′s to 150, and 10′s to 500. She immediately sat down and filled in all the blanks. She was so happy to have finally had “real” homework.

Whenever I sit down to read to the kids (which is pretty much every afternoon) the new baby starts kicking up a storm. Either the baby likes reading time or hates it. It’ll be interesting to see what the baby does after they are born in about 5 months. Speaking of the new baby, this one is definitely a head down baby like Ani was. Cameron was breech (with his head firmly planted in the center of the bottom of my ribcage) until about 38 weeks. All of this one’s kicks are up high. It’s a very different feeling from the head in the ribs feeling I had with Cameron. Of course this one also likes to use my bladder as a trampoline (something neither of my other two did) which is rather weird since I’ll feel a slam into my bladder followed almost immediately by a push off the top of the uterus (which is right around my belly button now). At least I can actually feel this one. Ani and Cameron both had anterior placentas so they kicked that rather than me. This one is kicking me. A lot.