The Way a Brain Works

Yesterday I was reading Magic School Bus Voyage to the Volcano to the kids. In the middle of me reading Ani pulled out Magic Treehouse Mummies in the Morning and began to read to herself. I figured she just wasn’t interested in hearing about volcanoes. No big deal. Cameron was completely absorbed and LOVES volcanoes. Well, in the middle of her reading she looks up and says something about what I was reading. She knew what she was reading to herself as well as what I was reading out loud. Somehow Ani can process what she reads visually and what she hears audibly. I don’t know how she does it! When I read I both “see” and “hear” the words. Obviously Ani’s brain does not do that. I don’t understand how her brain works, but it is amazing nonetheless. That offers a key into how her brain works. I’ve always wondered how she can have trouble with or barely do a math concept one day (such as skip counting or a times table) and then the next day have it down perfectly. She says she’s been working on it in her head and I guess she really has. No wonder she has so much trouble settling down at night. Her brain is truly working overtime!

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