Trees and Airplanes

Yesterday Ani announced that after much deliberation she would like to learn about trees for her special subject unit. We went to the library to pick up three books I had on hold and left with 30 more books checked out. Finding books on airplanes for Cameron was no problem. I picked out 6 or 8 and only even looked at 1/2 the airplane section. Oddly enough finding books on trees for Ani wasn’t so simple. We got 4 or 5 and that was pretty much the whole selection of childrens books on trees. I’ll have to check the catalog and see what else there might be at other branches of the library system in our county and put some on hold. The library we go to is a small one.

Ani started reading one of the books I picked out on the way home and kept exclaiming every little bit about some new thing she had just read. She was so excited. Luckily it just so happens that when I was homeschooled I did a leaf identification project (that might actually still be at my parents’ house) and my dad made a leaf press for it. We’re going to get the leaf press and Ani will be able to do her own leaf identification project. She’s quite excited about that idea.

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