Shipping Gifts, Revisited Again

As I have mentioned previously, shipping gifts to my mother-in-law in the Republic of Ireland has led to some interesting encounters with postal people, the most recent incident ending with Jamie paying the lower cost of postage charged to mail to Northern Ireland rather than the Republic of Ireland. I wondered if my mother-in-law’s Christmas gift would arrive. Indeed it did!

The quilt we made for her was mailed off airmail a little over a week before Christmas. It arrived two days after Christmas (the day after Christmas is an official holiday in the Republic of Ireland so no mail delivery on Christmas and the day before and the day after this year). So now we’re re-thinking this whole insisting on paying the higher (correct) postage amount to send things over there. Maybe the postal people are on to something. Okay, so we won’t really purposefully pay the lower (incorrect) amount, but if they insist again…

(Flowers are Jamie’s and my handprints, bees are Fritz’s footprints, butterfly wings and leaves are Ani’s and Cameron’s handprints.)

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