“I want to do school!” – 1/11 & 1/12

I never thought I’d hear two things out of Cameron’s mouth. But I heard them both today. This morning I was on the phone with my mom and Cameron said “Get off the phone, Mommie. I want to do school!” And then when we were finished with school, he said “Can’t we do more? I love doing school!” I am thrilled. I have found what works for him. It’s working for Ani, too. And we’re all having fun to boot. In the last two days we:

  • Reviewed meanings of fact/non-fiction and fiction (as we read Jurassic Park we often pause to discuss what is true and what is made up for the book)
  • Discussed Watson and Crick and the amino acids of DNA (adenine, thymine, cystine, guanine) and how they appear in A-T and C-G pairs
  • Completed the DNA model (see picture below)
  • Read 31 pages total of Jurassic Park
  • Looked up the basilisk lizard on-line
  • Labeled a page BASILISCUS using rubber stamps and drew a basilisk lizard
  • Discussed dinosaur and bird toes; looked at a picture of an eagle and discussed how the toes look like dinosaur toes might have looked
  • Traced Ani’s and Cameron’s middle three fingers held out like the eagle toes; kids added claws and colored the toes
  • Looked up Costa Rice on-line and discussed the different animals, plants, and habitats as well as where the country is in Central America
  • Drew and labeled the DNA model
  • Discussed how the dinosaur world was and what oxygen and carbon dioxide are
  • Oral math: $50,000 for two years equals how much per year; discussed easy way to figure the answer by remembering that two quarters equals 50 cents and one quarter equals 25 cents, so half of 50 is 25 making the answer $25,000
  • Discussed how a character in a book can be based on a real person
  • Watched several Discovery News Podcasts about Jack Horner and paleontology
  • Made “fossil” rubbings using fossil plates


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