My school allergic son has disappeared

Cameron has always been seemingly allergic to school. If something looked like school to him (workbook, intentionally learning, etc.) he’d practically break out in hives. Now, he’s always loved learning. He loves non-fiction books, videos from National Geographic, History Channel, Discovery, etc., and experimenting on his own. But that’s it. All of a sudden that has changed.

I ordered Handwriting Without Tears on the recommendation of my cousin a few weeks ago. Cameron loves it! I figured he’d like the wooden letter pieces and the roll-a-dough letters, but much to my surprise he’s loving the preschool workbook he’s working his way through. This week he also asked to work some in his Math-U-See Primer book.

Obviously something has clicked. He still prefers the non-workbook type schoolwork (who wouldn’t?!?!) but workbook type stuff is no longer some horrid thing. It’s now becoming enjoyable to him. As is typical for my Cameron, he has come to this in his own time. It’s exciting watching this process unfold.

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