My husband is insane

Last semester Jamie took 18 credits (not including a couple overlap classes – I think he had over 20 credits at one point going on at the same time). It was way too much and pretty much awful. So we decided that this semester would be easier and registered him for 10 credits.

The semester started on Monday the 15th. Jamie discovered his two on-line classes would be quite easy to finish quickly (the third class is geology and must be done in person). He decided he wanted to try to finish one of them – a 3 credit 200-level college course – within a week. He did it. On Saturday he took the last two tests. This morning he got an e-mail from his teaching confirming he had finished the course and telling him she would be posting his grade shortly. He’s planning on finishing the other on-line class by the end of this week. I have no doubt he will.

Meanwhile, we decided to go ahead and sign him up for two more on-line classes. At least one of them, if not both, will only take a few weeks to finish. NoVA has on-line classes that begin 2/5 and 3/5 as well as 1/15 (they all last 16 weeks, so can take into the summer semester to finish if needed). Jamie has two more classes he needs to complete his ASIT (he finished his AAS in Network Engineering in the fall). He will most likely be able to finish the coursework this semester. So instead of a simple 10 credit semester, he’ll end up with at least 22 credits over the course of he whole semester.

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