Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs, and More Dinosaurs

I haven’t updated what we’ve been doing in our dinosaur unit for some time now. I remember now why we stopped the unit studies in the first place. They are super fun and we love doing them. They work well. But they are tiring and I burn out quickly. Some of the things we have done over the past few weeks:

  • Checked our chicken bones in their vinegar baths most days and recorded the results
  • Read pages 52-110 of Jurassic Park
  • Discussed topographical maps
  • Listened to Lyrical Life Science topographic map song (during which the children did some “dino dancing”)
  • Made topographical maps using the information on page 53 of Jurassic Park
  • Discussed post-mortem contraction and looked at contracted raptor “fossil” plate
  • Cameron wrote problem, hypothesis, and procedure on science project backboard
  • Ani wrote the information under problem, hypothesis, and half of procedure on science project backboard
  • Dino Dig (see picture below)
  • Discussed chaos theory and demonstrated it with dripping/running faucet
  • Used the Let’s Explore Dinosaurs book to determine which model dinosaur was a sauropod (which led to Ani trying to identify all of our model dinosaurs)
  • Discussed warm vs. cold blooded
  • Made a fern “fossil” rubbing and labeled it
  • Discussed and made a line graph
  • Discussed egg teeth
  • “Hatched” a Hatchin’ Grow Dinosaur
  • Assembled and glued Dino Dig skeletons
  • DNA kit (extracted DNA from an onion)
  • Listened to Dinosaur Rap CD

Ani and Cameron excavating dinosaurs. Ani got a T Rex and Cameron got a Triceratops.

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