Five in a Row

We’ve been doing Five in a Row for three weeks now. It’s been fun. It’s nice light school. We’ve done The Story About Ping, Lentil, and Madeline so far. We have yet to actually do it 5 days of the week and Cameron is sick of reading the same book every day by Wednesday (though by Friday he is enjoying it again). It would take a lot to make it reasonable for the main part of school for a child Ani’s age I think, but for pseudo-breaks, I love it and so do my big kids!

What’s Not to Love?


  • Ani and Cameron were playing, pretending Fritz was their child. The conversation (said in proper sophisticated voices):
    Ani: I’m pregnant.
    Cameron: Again? So soon?
    Ani: It’s my due date.
    Cameron: But how?!?!
  • Fritz knocked over the vacuum and was very upset by it falling in front of him. He calmed down immediately when I picked him up. Later he sat about 2 feet away from the vacuum and pointed at it and shook his fist at it and told it off completely.
  • Fritz had a 4″x3″ piece of paper in his hand and I told him not to put it in his mouth. After a bit he put it in his mouth so I got up to take it from him. He immediately stuck it under his leg and laughed when I reached right for where it was.
  • I was reading a Thomas the Train book to the kids. Fritz looked at the pictures and started laughing and touching and kissing Thomas’s face.
  • A tree limb in front of our house had broken but was stuck in the tree still and Ani and Cameron excitedly watched the workers get the limb down.

I just love these kids!

We have a tooth!

Fritz is no longer toothless. His first tooth popped through today. Ani and I got our first teeth at about the same ages and Jamie and the boys got their first teeth at about the same ages.

Me – 5 months 3 weeks 5 days
Ani – 5 months 2 weeks 1 day
Jamie – 7 months 3 weeks 5 days
Cameron – 8 months 3 days
Fritz – 8 months 1 week 2 days

Moving On

Starting Monday we’re going to be using Five in a Row. We’ll do four or five weeks of that. We’re planning to keep that around for low-key “break time” school. In April we will move on to Sonlight. We’re planning on using Apologia for science (astronomy). We’ll continue with Math-U-See, Handwriting Without Tears, and Latin for Children.