Dinosaur Museum

The “big finish” of our dinosaur unit was to build a dinosaur museum. We’ve still got another week of wrap up to do to finish up completely, but I set out the dinosaur museum pieces on the dining room table Friday and told the kids to arrange them however they saw fit. The only direction was “build a dinosaur museum.”

The pieces were some plaster of Paris “fossils” they had made and painted, some flat wooden dinosaur shapes they had painted, a cardboard T Rex skeleton, four wooden dinosaur skeletons (T Rex, stegosaurus, triceratops, and brachiosaurus), and several small plastic model dinosaurs. From those pieces they created their museum. They then proceeded to take turns being the museum curator and the visiting kid asking and answering questions about dinosaurs.


They even got Fritz into the action and took him on a tour of their dinosaur museum.



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