Journal Writing Cameron Style

The last couple days Cameron has been writing in his journal a lot. Of course the most interesting part of that is Cameron does not know how to write or even how to read. So I finally asked him what he was writing in there and he said “Math.” Okay, he does know how to write some of his numbers.

This evening as I was reading to the big kids at bedtime Cameron was writing in his journal again. I asked him if I could look at it and he said I could. He has been writing his numbers 0-9 over and over, but even more amazing to me than that, he has also been practicing writing his name. This is the child who wrote CA on all our Christmas cards 3 months ago and let me fill in the meron. Apparently he asked Ani to show him how to write his name and now he is committing it to memory by writing it over and over!

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