We woke up to…


Yes, that is snow on the ground and van. This is the second time I remember that it snowed after my birthday. The other time was the day after I turned 12, so 1990. I was so moved by the snow that year that I wrote a myth about why it snowed when it did. I wish I had a copy of it, but it is long gone.

It was about the season gods arguing over getting to control the weather. Since it was spring, the spring god wanted to have sunny weather, but the winter god wanted it to still be cold. When I was little I used to imagine God with a huge apron with pockets that held packets of weather and He’d open the one that he wanted the weather to be and sprinkle it out onto us. And so, in my myth, I made the season gods do that.

The winter god opened a packet of snow and the other gods were arguing with him that it wasn’t winter so he couldn’t sprinkle snow down on the earth, but then the winter god tripped on a bump in the cloud and accidentally spilled his snow packet. And so, I explained, it snowed after my birthday in 1990.

Here we are 17 years later and once again it snowed after my birthday. Guess my imaginary season gods were arguing again over who got to control the weather.

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