17, 18, 19, 110, 111, 112…

The other day Cameron made a “cell phone” out of a piece of paper taped to a twig antenna. He drew about 35 squares for the number pad. He wrote out the numbers very well up to 19. We just hit the lessons in Math-U-See Primer with numbers above 9 so that was great. He had quickly figured out if you add a 1 in the tens place you get the teen (or “one-ty”) numbers. He apparently does not yet understand that to make 20+ you put a 2 in the tens place. Instead, he made 20 by writing “110,” 21 as “111,” 22 as “112,” etc. I do see his logic, but we had a little discussion about how to correctly write those numbers. I’m interested to see how he writes the numbers above 20 next time.

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