Sometimes it just works

Yesterday we went back to school after a nearly two week break. It was wonderful. We all had a great time. The best part, though, was the random way our read aloud and our music class joined together so perfectly.

We are reading The Apple and the Arrow. Yesterday we finished with the scene where William Tell shoots the apple on Walter’s head.

We use Music Today and Everyday once a week for music class. Our current unit is on tempo and yesterday’s lesson involved listening to a slow piece of music and a fast piece of music. The fast piece was the William Tell Overture.

Not only were we able to talk about the tempo of the William Tell Overture, we were able to discuss why the music reminded us of William Tell himself. This was not planned at all. It just happened that we are in that unit doing that lesson at the same time we are reading that particular read-aloud. Sometimes it just works and when it does it makes the lessons so much more interesting.

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