People or Number

Yesterday Ani was doing a page in her Wordly Wise workbook. For part of it she had to look at four words and circle the one that didn’t belong. I figured that if she could adequately argue why she chose a certain answer I’d accept it. The four words in one list were couple, pair, two, crowd. Ani circled two.

Me: Why did you circle two?
Ani: Because it is a number.
Me: What makes couple, pair, and crowd the same?
Ani: They are all people.

I told her they were looking for the circled answer to be crowd and told her why. She accepted that to be a possibility but preferred her answer and reasoning.

Mom and Daughter Date

Last night Ani and I went on a date. We left the boys at home with Ian and went to see Annie at a local high school. The performance was amazing. It was very professionally done, much better than any other high school, college, or community theater performance I’ve been in or seen. Ani loved it, both the show and getting to spend time with just me without her little brothers around.

So just how do you tell if a caterpillar is a girl or boy?

Yesterday Cameron and Ani found a bunch of caterpillars in our front yard. They decided they wanted the caterpillars to be their pets so they are now in a box in our back yard.

Earlier today they were naming some of the caterpillars and of course to give one a name you must know if it is a boy or girl. So just how do you tell if a caterpillar is a girl or boy? Simple. Ani just lifted the caterpillar up high in the air, looked at the underside of it, and announced that that particular caterpillar was a girl.