So we got a TV…

After three years of not having a TV we decided to get one again. We decided to get one partly because I can’t watch anything comfortably on the little eMac or MacBook monitors and partly because we’ve pretty much exhausted the educational content on iTunes that Cameron is interested in and partly because we just wanted to.

So yesterday the Verizon guy came and installed FiOS TV. When he left I called the big kids in and they asked if they could watch “real TV” now. I told them they could. They cheered and then asked if they could stay outside and play some more. Of course I told them they could. In the end they only ended up watching a couple things from the on demand menu.

I went through the channels and while there were several things I was interested in watching and almost watched an old episode of The Addams Family, but decided I didn’t really feel like watching TV so I called my mom instead and talked to her for a little while and then listened to my audiobook and worked on my cross stitch. We did end up watching Glenn Beck on Headline News later on and DVR’d a show about Sushi on Food Network and watched it later. During the time the show was actually on I read a book to the kids.

So far we like having TV again and really like having the DVR (skipping commercials is nice – I hate commercials). We’ll see what we think in a few months.

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