Hugs and Kisses

A month or so ago Fritz started offering us hugs and kisses. Actually, the word offering is a bit too gentle. Demanding to give us hugs and kisses is more like it. Many, many times a day!

He gets his face right in ours and then plants a big kiss right on our lips. Sometimes he remembers to keep his mouth closed and purses his lips and everything. Usually he comes at us with a wide open mouth. This is not too big a deal since a little baby slobber never hurt anyone, but sometimes it hurts because his teeth bang into us. Occasionally he adds a “mmmchaaaa!” sound to his kisses.

Immediately following the big kiss he throws his arms around our necks and squeezes with his whole entire body. The squeeze is almost always accompanied by a “mmmuuuugh!” sound. Sometimes he gives us several big squeezes. Sometimes he mixes it up by patting our backs during the hug.

It’s the things like this that makes me LOVE being a mom!

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