A Day in the Life of Fritz

I’ve been meaning to take pictures of each of my kids throughout a day to do “A Day in the Life of…” scrapbook layouts for a while now. Yesterday I took pictures for Fritz’s page.

Fritz was still sleeping when I got up yesterday.

Then he woke up.

He spent some time playing in his play corner. Before Fritz could crawl I used to put him on a blanket on the floor with his toys. Since he is allergic to dust mites this gave him an extra barrier between himself and the carpet. Now he will rarely play with his toys unless he is sitting on a blanket. This one was made for him by my mom and given to him at birth.

I got Fritz dressed for the day. He’s wearing an outfit my parents gave him for his birthday.

Here he is all dressed. Notice how I’m holding his arms? That’s so we could get a picture with his hat still on. That came off about half a second later.

Breakfast time! We had homemade doughnut holes.

One of Fritz’s favorite things to do is wrestle with Cameron. They’ve done that since Fritz was just a few months old.

Lunch time! We had tuna fish and crackers. Fritz likes to try to eat his crackers with a fork. Sometimes it works.

For two or three weeks Fritz refused to nap at all or barely napped. He is easing back into napping again thank goodness. Yesterday he napped for three hours, his old usual length.

Here he is rubbing his eyes as he woke up from his nap.

He had a few diaper changes over the course of the day.

Fritz loves to go for walks with his sister or brother. They walk up and down the sidewalk. The townhouse two doors down from us is for sale. Homeschoolers are welcome!

The kids often play at the grassy area at the end of the sidewalk. I think they are having a picnic. Fritz ended up covered in applesauce at any rate.

Fritz nurses several times a day, sometimes for regular nursings and sometimes for quick sips. Here’s one of the times he nursed yesterday.

Dinner time! We had beef stew. Fritz ate all the potatoes and most of the crackers I gave him. He left the meat and carrots. Notice what hand he generally eats with. It looks like we have a little lefty.

Fritz loves books. He has a shelf full of them and regularly sits and “reads” them. Here he is “reading” his Touch and Feel Baby Animals book.

Snack time! We had strawberries for our snack. Fritz loves strawberries.

Finally, after a long day of fun, Fritz fell asleep. Since Jamie’s out of town Ani slept in the bed with Fritz and me.

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