A Day in the Life of Ani

Chronicling Fritz’s day was fun, so yesterday I took lots of pictures of the things Ani did.

Ani was sound asleep when I got up for the day. This is normal. Ani is a nightowl like her father and so she sleeps in.

Around 11 am she woke up and came downstairs. This is actually a little late for her to get up. Typically she’s up by 10:30.

Also like her Daddy, Ani takes a bit of time to really wake up in the morning. While she was still “half asleep” (her words), she once again watched some of High School Musical 2 with her bothers.

By the time she woke up the rest of us had already eaten breakfast so I just gave Ani’s to her on the couch. We had homemade granola bars. A huge hit with everyone.

Before lunch Ani decided she wanted to do some cooking. Her specialty is cooking sliced carrots.

Once her carrots we done, we had lunch. We ate club sandwiches and Ani and Cameron had Ani’s carrots on the side.

Eventually I convinced Ani it was time to get dressed.

I put her hair up in two ponytails with a pair of pony-o’s from Five Blessed Bows.

Here Ani is all ready for her day… at about 1:30 in the afternoon!

We started school around 2:30. Ani did her language arts and math upstairs in the library while I did language arts and math with Cameron downstairs in the living room. Once Ani finished she came downstairs so we could do everything else together.

After school, Ani went to get the mail. She loves getting our mail and does it pretty much every day. The worst punishment she ever had was a week of not being allowed to go get the mail.

She helped straighten up Fritz’s toys. I think there was only one grumble about not being a maid as she did it.

Ani played with Fritz for a while before dinner.

For dinner we had cube steak and mashed potatoes and gravy.

The big kids love to “do fire” with Ian. They are highly supervised and Ian has taught them (and continues to re-teach) fire safety. This time they set fire to a torch Jamie made and they were all, Jamie included, so excited about how it turned out. He had wound twine around the end of a long stick and dipped it in oil before lighting it.

Jamie enjoys watching Doctor Who and recently the big kids discovered they like it, too. So they watched an episode all together before bed last night.

Ani read some bedtime stories to Cameron.

Ani ended up sleeping on the floor of our bedroom last night. She went to sleep around midnight. We don’t much care where our kids are sleeping as long as they are sleeping. For some reason their own bed is not the most common place the big kids sleep. They both seem to prefer the floor (any floor – their bedroom, the library, our bedroom, the hall closet…).

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