A Day in the Life of Cameron

Having done A Day in the Life of Fritz and Ani, yesterday was Cameron’s turn.

When I got up in the morning Cameron was asleep on the floor of my bedroom. He had started out the night in his own bed for once. I have no idea when he came to our room.

Around 8:30 Cameron woke up and came downstairs.

Soon after he woke up he went back upstairs and got dressed for the day.

For breakfast we had cereal. Cameron chose wheat puffs with “lots of sugar.”

After breakfast Cameron went to dig in our backyard. He chose his hammer as his digging tool.

The three kids played in the basement for quite some time. The big ones said they were trying to get Fritz to go to sleep. He didn’t.

The kids were playing outside when Cameron ran in and excitedly showed me the wasp he had caught. The wasp is in the plastic container he is holding.

For lunch we had homemade chicken and rice soup.

After lunch we did school. In this picture Cameron’s listening to the first chapter of our current read-aloud, Mary on Horseback.

For our snack we had apples with brown sugar and cinnamon.

Cameron went and got Fritz up from his nap this afternoon.

Cameron helped clean the table before dinner.

For dinner we had Mexican Rice. Cameron isn’t a huge fan, but he ate it.

We went to Borders, Michaels, and McDonalds to use some coupons the big kids got from the library summer reading program. Cameron chose a Ratatouille book at Borders and a basket full of shells at Michaels. From McDonalds he got an ice cream cone.

For the first time in over a month Cameron slept in his own bed all night long.

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