It’s always all about the mom

I recently read an article about why having a homebirth is bad and giving birth in the hospital is good (warning: if you support homebirth, this article may make you turn funny colors). The whole article was annoying, but the part that really rubbed me the wrong way is the paragraph that says homebirth isn’t about the baby. See, apparently these crazy moms are giving birth at home in order to prove a point and make a political statement.

Have a drug free birth? Mom’s trying to look better than everyone else. Have a homebirth? Mom’s trying to prove a point at the peril of her unborn child. Co-sleep? Mom is risking baby’s life to have them stay close to her. Don’t vaccinate? Mom can’t handle hearing the baby cry. Breastfeed past a year? Mom gets some twisted pleasure from it. Homeschool? Mom can’t let her kids grow up and is stunting their social growth.

That’s how it always is, isn’t it? If you make a choice outside of the mainstream then you must be trying to prove a point. It’s always all about the mom and what the mom wants. I run into that sentiment often. It couldn’t possibly be that the choices I make for my family are based on research, prayer, and deep pondering. I know many of our choices are not the same as others would make and that’s okay. What’s right for us isn’t necessarily right for you. Just don’t assume that because your choice is the typical one that my choice is wrong.

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