Hungry Boy

I am always amazed at the amount of food Fritz eats and how easily he eats it. When Ani was 14 months old she barely ate solids at all (a couple bits now and then and some days nothing at all). We thought Cameron was a big eater but he had nothing on Fritz.

Fritz only has 6 teeth, four on top and two on bottom, now. And yet he can eat whatever he wants without any trouble. For dinner last night he ate two chicken nuggets. I’m still not sure how he does that with so few teeth. So far today, in addition to nursing, he’s had three pancakes and three pierogies. The other day he ate half of a Hot Pocket. On Saturday we went to Silver Diner and he ate more than half of a grilled cheese kids meal.

Speaking of Fritz eating grilled cheese, now that he’s over a year old we’ve been trying out a couple of the foods he used to react to each week. We have gone through everything except cashews, peanuts, shellfish, and grapes and he has had no problem with anything so far. It’s definitely making life much easier for us! He still has issues with carrots and bananas, but only when he eats them himself, not when I eat them.

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