RSVP – Is it really that hard to do?

Cameron’s birthday party is on Saturday. We sent out the invitations a little over a week ago. I requested that they RSVP by yesterday. We are having a science-themed party and knowing how many children are coming would be immensely useful for making the labcoats and setting up the science lab.

We invited 11 kids (10 families). As of yesterday a whopping 4 had RSVP’d. 2 Yes and 2 No. What really annoys me is three of the kids (two families) that have not RSVP’d are children who have had birthday parties in the last few months and they requested RSVPs, which I did by the date requested. So I am left to wonder why they deserved a courtesy that apparently I don’t. And just how many labcoats should I make…

Update: Another family RSVP’d today!

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