Back from vacation!

We spent the last week in Williamsburg having a wonderfully relaxing vacation. We spent a day at Colonial Williamsburg, a day at Yorktown, and a day at Jamestown. We got to see some friends who moved away just before Fritz was born. Cameron turned 6 on Wednesday. Amazingly so far this pregnancy I have a decent bit of energy so I didn’t want to be sleeping the whole time. Nausea in the afternoon and evening rather than morning is new for me this time around though.

We rented costumes at Colonial Williamsburg for Ani and Cameron. They each had three errands to run throughout the day.

Both Ani and Cameron loved playing with the hoops and sticks at the Geddy House. With a bit of practice they both got pretty good at it.

One of their errands was to help the gardener. They watered some cabbages and then each drew up a bucket of water from the well.

On the Susan Constant at Jamestown Settlement. Prior to boarding the ships Ani thought a long ride on them wouldn’t be so bad. After walking around them a bit she changed her mind and was glad to be back on solid ground.

The big kids had a great time helping wash stockings inside James Fort.

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