A Mostly Homemade Christmas (part 1)

Every year I make most of the presents we give. It takes a lot of time and probably doesn’t really save much money, but I enjoy making things for people. My minor love language is quality time and when I make something for someone I think about them and spend time with them in my mind. Somehow it works out for filling my love tank.

We are giving my uncle a cross stitched farm scene. I found the instructions in an old cross stitch magazine of my mom’s.


This was my first experience using 28 count cloth. The Xs ended up being 14 count since they were stitched over two squares. The barn in the background is a Mill Hill button as are the pigs in the pig pen. Those are sewn on. The roosters are also Mill Hill buttons hot glued onto the frame. The apple tree has red Mill Hill glass bead “apples” sewn on.

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