A Mostly Homemade Christmas (part 3)

I first read about Discovery Bottles from the amazing Theresa at La Paz Home Learning. I decided they would make a great Christmas present for Fritz. So Santa enlisted my help to make a dozen. I am so excited for Fritz to get them and really play with them (okay, so he’s done some “testing” of them already).

The basics for all of them are the same. We got a dozen of the little 8 oz water bottles and drank the water and removed the labels (and used a little Goo Gone to get rid of the little bit of glue that held on the labels). Then I filled them with various things to make them lots of fun. I hot glued the tops on so Fritz can’t get them off.

discoverybottles1Crayon Shavings Bottle – crayons shavings and water
Bubble Bottle – water and a couple drops of dishwashing liquid
ABC Bottle – pom pom filler and alphabet beads
Eye Bottle – corn syrup, yellow food coloring, and googly eyes

Ocean Bottle – water, mineral oil, and blue food coloring
Lava Bottle – water, mineral oil, red food coloring, and a little glitter
Sound Bottle – pony beads
Quiet Bottle – corn syrup and pony beads


Jingle Bottle – pom pom filler and jingle bells
Beach Bottle – sand, shells, and a little glitter
Viscosity Bottle – pink hair gel and marbles
Glitter Bottle – water, green food coloring, and lots of glitter

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