Christmas in Canada

A few notable bits from our time learning about Christmas in Canada.

  • Meatball Stew – We made pasta to go along with it since the meatball stew didn’t seem very filling on its own. Ani and Cameron were not fans of the cloves in the meatballs. The recipe did not call for salt or pepper and it most definitely needed at least salt (and I’m not usually one to salt my food). Overall it was actually pretty decent and much better than we expected.
  • Ani made four maple leaf ornaments out of construction paper for our tree. She also made a Canadian goose and insisted it be put up at the top since we have no angel or star for our tree.
  • Meat and Potato Pie – We were going to have the meat and potato pie for dinner Sunday… until we realized that the nearly *7* hours required to cook it would make it ready at nearly 10 pm. So we ate it on Monday. Jamie and Ani liked it. Fritz absolutely loved it and ate two plates of it. Cameron didn’t like it because of the potatoes. I don’t know what my problem with it was (I have trouble eating dinner anyway due to my nausea being worst in the evening), but I took one bite and threw up. So Cameron and I had cereal instead.
  • Christmas in Canada is a lot like Christmas in the US. There are a few unique customs, particularly in the Maritime provinces. Most of them relate to the unique ethnic groups and appear in Christmas celebrations elsewhere in the world, too.
  • We haven’t made the fruitcake yet. I think I’m a little afraid of making it.


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