The floor

Cameron likes sleeping on the floor. He refuses to have his own bed. He won’t sleep in it and it would just take up space in his room. He says all beds are too hard which really makes no sense since he chooses to sleep on the floor which is definitely harder than any bed we have.

He isn’t picky about the location of the floor. For a while he was sleeping on the floor of our bedroom. Sometimes he sleeps on the floor of his own bedroom. Sometimes he sleeps on the floor of Ani’s bedroom. Once in a great while he sleeps in Ani’s bed with her. Occasionally he sleeps on the couch downstairs.

Lately he has been choosing the stairs landing. We have stairs that go halfway up, turn, and go the rest of the way up. The landing is pretty big so it’s a perfectly safe place to sleep. Last night Ani slept on the landing with him. Usually she sleeps in her bed. She likes to sleep in a bed.

When Ani was tiny a wise lactation consultant said that it doesn’t matter where everyone is sleeping as long as everyone is sleeping. Very true.

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