They’re multiplying like, um, snails

We got two snails to help eat the icky stuff in our fish tank. Apparently we got a boy and a girl because within a few weeks we discovered several others in various sizes. Now there are quite a few snails in the tank. They are doing a great job of cleaning it.

Jamie’s mom said they once got a plant to go in a fish tank when Jamie was young. Apparently there were tiny snails on the plant when they got it because from then on the tank was overrun by snails. Those things are really prolific in the reproduction department. Even better at it than rabbits!

Another long night

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel of illness. Jamie has a few chicken pox now and the rest of us are getting through these nasty colds, but we seem to be headed in the getting generally better direction. I’m still holding my breath that we’ll catch something else, though.

Last night Fritz was having some trouble breathing. I am sure it is just his sinuses being clogged like mine, Ani’s, and Jamie’s. For whatever reason Fritz does not like to breathe through his mouth and so between laying down in bed (even propped up on pillows) and the post-nasal drip he’d choke a little every so often. I’m continually amazed at how much I can sleep without going into deep sleep when the little one next to me isn’t feeling well. He never needed any real help breathing (no more apnea episodes like Friday night’s thank goodness), but I still spent a lot of time just listening to him breathe.

Hopefully in a couple days he’ll be just fine. The worst of it seemed to pass for the rest of us in just a couple days. I’m really looking forward to going back to a normal sleep pattern again!

It takes a village

It takes a village to raise a child, but I believe that village is rather small and generally consists of people related to each other. Those not related to each other are generally tied through religious beliefs and groupings.

I think it is very unfortunate that our society has gone from family staying near each other to family being spread out all over. I have a feeling society in general would benefit from closer family ties.

I greatly appreciate the advice and input my parents give about raising my children. I also appreciate their direct contribution to raising my children. They did a great job raising the three of us and am glad they can continue being my village in helping to raise the four of mine.

Not revising anymore

I’m 21 weeks today. I’m not revising my no more morning sickness goal anymore. I’d like to say it’s because I’m not nauseas anymore (I am) and not throwing up anymore (I am). But, it’s not bad anymore. The nausea comes and goes and I only throw up every few days. As long as it’s livable I don’t feel the need to just make it another three weeks. If it doesn’t go away until 30 or 33 weeks or even later, that’s okay. It’s just not so bad anymore so I can take it just fine.

How is it possible?

I haven’t been out of the house in over two weeks, and still I managed to get yet another bug. I have an ear infection, a sinus infection, croupy sounding lungs, and a sore throat. I blame Cameron. He’s coughing some again and has a stuffy nose and he went to church on Sunday. This is totally and completely ridiculous. I just hope the antibiotic kills all the nasty germs running through me.

Oh, and Fritz has chicken pox now. The spots he had before must have just been a random rash.

She’s so vain

Cameron couldn’t have cared less about me posting a picture of his pox. Ani on the other hand has told me in no uncertain terms that I will NOT be posting any of hers. So I asked Ani if she doesn’t want me to post any pictures of her and she said no. Just no pictures with the pox. She is not pleased at all with how she looks right now and only wants pretty pictures of herself shared with the world.

Dear Sickies

You are hereby evicted. I realize you have to stick around a few more days since Ani is covered in chicken pox, but as soon as those are scabbed over, you are out of here. I get the feeling you are finding our home to be a pleasant place to hang out. We’ve tolerated you for a few weeks now. We haven’t been happy you’ve been here by any means. But now it is time to go. Go bother someone else. Or, better yet, just disappear. No one wants you around you know.

Sick of Being Sick

I was thinking about it yesterday and during the entire year of 2007 we took Ani to the doctor once for a regular physical, Fritz once for a sick visit, and Cameron once for an injury (concussion). That’s it. We are about 3 weeks into 2008 and all three of them have been in to see the doctor for a sick visit already. It’s really time for these sickies to go.

Pass the bleach, please

I don’t use bleach, but I think my house needs to be doused with it right now. We have been afflicted with one illness after another for the last month. I am so ready for the sickies to depart. I also am so ready to get out of the house. We’ve been stuck here since Wednesday last week.

Cameron started with a cough the week before Christmas. Then I got it a week or two later. Eventually Jamie got it, too. Then Cameron got chicken pox. I got sicker and have a handful of suspicious-looking spots. Then Fritz developed croup, though we strongly suspect it’s actually RSV. He was bad enough we almost took him to the ER Thursday night, but he finally ate something and drank some water and perked back up. He’s going to the doctor this morning since he just seems to be getting worse and worse. Now Ani’s got the cough. I’m just waiting for her to break out in spots. Ugh.