Chicken Pox!

Yesterday we were doing school and Cameron walked by me and lifted his shirt a little to scratch his belly. I noticed he had a rash and so looked closer and discovered he had lots of spots on his belly, back, and neck and a few spots on his arms, legs, and face. He said he had had the spots for a couple days but didn’t think it was important to tell me about it.

The spots looked suspiciously like chicken pox and since I am 18 weeks pregnant I wanted to get a definite diagnosis. It sure is chicken pox. The problem is I am not immune, nor is Ian. We’ve both had it twice (as has my father) and my titer showed I have equivocal immunity. I have antibodies, but not enough to prove immunity. I can get chicken pox again if exposed (on the good side I should always get mild cases and never get shingles). Cameron has a mild case typical of our family and, given the genetics, he’s unlikely to become immune from this.

(The white streaks are the anti-itch lotion Jamie was in the middle of putting on Cameron’s back.)

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