Thing 1 and Thing 2

These two kids are about 6 months apart. My friend’s daughter is 26 months and Fritz is 20 months today. The things those two could get into together was amazing. Clearly two heads are better than one when coming up with trouble to get into.

It was monkey see, monkey do with them. One would do something and the other would copy. Repeat all day long. It made me very glad all my children have come to me one at a time.

We started referring to them as Thing 1 and Thing 2. It fit very well. Occasionally my friend’s 6 year old son would get in on the act, too. He’s sneaky, though. He’d quietly convince the toddlers to do something and then tell us what trouble the little ones were getting into. We decided he must be the Cat in the Hat.

Aside from all the trouble they got into, though, they became very good friends and were great fun to watch. Even when my friend’s daughter demonstrated her Alpha Dog position, Fritz didn’t mind. He’d still follow her around wherever she went. One day he even tilted her head back and kissed her right on the lips. Fresh little toddler he is.


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