It’s testing time again

In Virginia we have to prove progress each year. We have a couple options for how to do that including administering a standardized test. That’s what we choose to do since it’s very easy.

I ordered the grade 2 CAT-E Survey (we’re only required to test on math and language arts since that’s all the state apparently cares about when it comes to home education) from Seton on Friday. It arrived Tuesday. Ani loves taking those tests and within an hour including breaks she was completely done. She got all the answers right so it’ll be interesting to see what her percentiles are. Seton’s pretty fast so we should have the results in a few days.

Next year we’ll have to test Cameron as well since he’ll be a first grader. He’s pretty glad he didn’t have to take a test this year. He does not see the excitement in standardized testing that Ani sees.

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