We got a little Xerox laminator from Staples several years ago. I think Ani was 3 or 4 when we got it. I love that thing. It is so much fun to laminate stuff.

The last few times we went to Staples to get the laminating sleeves they didn’t have any in the size and type we needed. So I had not been able to laminate anything properly in quite some time and had settled for the type that is more like contact paper than the heat seal laminating sleeves.

I had to laminate some stuff for Cameron’s next level of language arts since we’ll be starting that soon so I decided I’d just order the laminating sleeves from Staples and have them delivered. It occurred to me to check Costco on-line and sure enough they had them (and just about half price with free shipping for the same brand, size, and number as they had on-line at Staples).

I ordered the laminating sleeves and about 36 hours later UPS delivered them. And then I got to work laminating everything I needed to. Now everything is nice and pretty and ready for Cameron to use. Plus I got to have lots of fun using my little machine to laminate things again!

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