Back to School

After a little less than a 2 week break thanks to our new cute little guy we decided to go back to school yesterday. I figured we’d do as much as we could and then stop. As it turned out we had no problem getting through everything. Adrian slept most of the time in the Peanut Shell and Fritz chose to hang out upstairs only coming down every once in a while to show us the treasures he was collecting.

We had stopped right in the middle of a week (third day of the eighth week) which meant the kids had spelling tests the first day back. Cameron only got one word right on his last spelling test (he’s got the same problems with spelling that his dad has) so I was curious to see how well he would do with a break between reviewing the words and spelling them. He only got two wrong (here, are). You just never can tell how his spelling will be.

Ani wrote a paragraph about how her life would be if she was living in a totally different time. For who knows what reason she picked Texas in 1520. Her paragraph was pretty good and I showed her how she could expand it into a whole paper by adding details and making individual sentences into whole paragraphs. She just needs to remember to not throw in random capital letters (she has ever since we used the kindergarten Handwriting Without Tears) and to remember to leave bigger spaces between the words.

It was nice to get back to doing school. My goal this week is to do our normal routine through lunch. That’s just my personal scripture study when I wake up (which is generally between 6:30 and 7), Miracle Music at 8, school after that finishes, and lunch after school. We did it yesterday. Hopefully the rest of the week (or rather today and tomorrow since Friday is a holiday) will go as smoothly.

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