Ani’s Warts

Ani saw the pediatrician on Thursday right after Adrian did. She has warts on her hands and feet that need to come off. She had a couple for a few years and we tried everything to get rid of them and nothing worked. Eventually they started spreading and she has tons all over her toes and a few elsewhere on her feet and hands now.

The doctor used liquid nitrogen to freeze some off. He just did three clusters of them. It’s apparently rather painful to have that stuff applied. The doctor said he was surprised Ani neither screamed or cried while he was working on her. He is hopeful that the few he froze will help her immune system mobilize to get rid of the rest as well.

All three spot have blistered, one of them a blood blister, and her foot is slightly swollen. She says they are not comfortable and it is hard for her to walk since the biggest blister is on the bottom of her foot. Poor kid. I’m not sure what’s better: what she’s going through or having them cut out like they did to me when I was near her age.


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