My baby hates the sling

Fritz loved being in the sling. He started out in the Peanut Shell.

Then he moved on to the Moby Wrap and he loved being in that, too. Finally, he moved on to the Ergo. He can still ride in the Ergo.

Adrian, however, gets overheated and very sweaty very easily. Because of that he’s okay in the sling while he’s sleeping, but as soon as he’s awake he wants out. He despises the Peanut Shell. He’ll tolerate the Moby Wrap as long as when I’m sitting down I pull the material down and to the side so he is cooler. He’s fine in the Ergo as long as I’m moving. Cameron didn’t like being in the sling either. Ani was like Fritz and loved it.

Not liking the sling made doing school a little more tricky. Holding him in my arms is difficult while simultaneously holding a book or playing sight word bingo with Cameron or whatever. So I decided to try bringing the cradle downstairs to our school room and sticking him in there while we do school. And wouldn’t you know it, he LOVES it! He sleeps in that cradle right through the two or so hours of school every day.

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