I Was Wrong #1

I’ve always avoided dollar stores. Maybe it’s because of two in the town where I grew up. They were both nasty, junky, and sold stuff not even worth the $1 you’d pay for it. So even though I’d been told the relatively new Dollar Tree by us was quite nice I wouldn’t go there.

On Saturday I decided to check the place out. I had heard they sell teacher’s supplies and there were a few things I need that I wanted to see if they had. So in I went and I can honestly say I was wrong. The place is nice and while they do carry some of the junk like the others, most of their stuff was great.

I ended up buying a few things I needed for school, most of which I was surprised to find there (and delighted, too, since it was much cheaper than I’d pay at Staples or Target). I’ll be going back I am sure. Ani and Cameron are thrilled by that news. They love dollar stores.

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