A name and a blessing

Today our baby will be officially given his name and he will be known everywhere, including in the records of the Church, as Adrian Lloyd. It’s such a special occasion that I actually ironed the two little boys’ overalls. Many people will be shocked by that statement, particularly my mother. I despise ironing. My mom doesn’t seem to mind it. Her mom apparently ironed anything and everything. I didn’t get that ironing gene. But iron their clothes this morning I did.

Anyway, I always love to see the dads take their tiny little babies up to the stand in the front and gather in a circle around the baby with their priesthood holding family, friends, and the bishopric. After the blessing it is customary for the dad to hold the baby up for all to see. It’s such a sweet moment.

We’re importing people from other wards to be in the circle around Adrian. In our defense, though, two of our friends recently moved out of our ward and the other person we’re “importing” is my dad. I just hope they’ve all been lifting weights recently. At 2 1/2 months old Adrian’s a 15 pound moose-baby!

Fritz Bakes Cookies

Washing his hands. He had been outside playing earlier so they were kind of grubby.

Checking out the stuff to make cookies from.

Dumping in the cookie mix (yeah, we went the lazy way).

He wasn’t thrilled about the egg and really wanted the yolk popped.

Mixing it all together. We added sprinkles to the mix. He chose flowers in all sorts of colors.

Putting the cookies on the cookie sheet. Fritz really wanted them squished flat instead of round.

Watching them bake.

Checking out the cookies. See, they turned out flat after all!

Eating one. Delicious!

It’s the commercials

After not having regular TV for several weeks I have figured out what it is that bugs me about TV. It’s the commercials. We don’t watch much less TV using the AppleTV compared to when we had FiOS, but I much, much, much prefer watching on the AppleTV. Even skipping through the commercials on DVR’d programs got on my nerves. Watching Digging for the Truth (my new favorite show) is so much more pleasant when I can just watch it straight through with no breaks.

Two Virginia Babies, Two Incorrect Birth Certificates

Ani and Cameron were born in Maryland. Ani’s birth certificate application was filled out by someone at the hospital where she was born and Cameron’s was filled out by the CNM who delivered him at the birthing center where he was born. Their birth certificates were both correct when we received them.

Fritz and Adrian were born in Virginia. Fritz’s birth certificate application was filled out by me and Adrian’s was filled out by one of my midwives. Both of their birth certificates were incorrect when we received them.

Fritz’s said he was born in the county where we live now, but he was born in a city. It’s an honest mistake I suppose. The city where he was born is also the name of a town in the county next door. Adrian’s birth certificate has my middle name spelled wrong. They left off the final letter.

So we had to get Fritz’s fixed and we have to get Adrian’s fixed. It’s a very easy process actually. When you call the vital records office there is an option to get a recorded message telling how to get errors like that fixed. Makes me wonder how often they do get things wrong that they have that message on there and so easy to get to.

A special letter came in the mail yesterday

Last week I sent a letter to President Monson and included some pictures of Fritz and President Monson’s picture and an explanation of how much Fritz loves that picture. Yesterday we got the following letter in the mail:

Dear Sister:
Thank you very much for your letter of August 11 and the photos of your son Fritz.

I am pleased to know that Fritz is my friend. Please give him my greetings and my belated wishes for a happy second birthday.

I pray that our Father in Heaven will bless you and your family always.

Sincerely your brother,
Thomas S. Monson

What a special thing to put in Fritz’s baby book!

A squirrel ate our sunflower!

Or rather the squirrels are in the process of eating our sunflowers. We have gathered some of the seeds, but I honestly think the kids are enjoying watching the squirrels eat the seeds much more! Every time Fritz notices a squirrel climbing on the sunflower he squeals “Kitty!” One time he climbed up and got the camera down from the very high place we have it now and stood there making sounds like he was taking pictures of the “kitty” as it ate.



After the squirrels have their meal and leave the kids are just fascinated looking at the half shells and bits of flower on the ground. They especially like looking for whole sunflower seeds that the squirrel knocked loose but didn’t eat.

Circle Time Learning Board Thingy

The whole thing.

The date. We put a little sticker on the calendar to mark off the days. Then we change whatever needs to be changed on the season and date.

The weather and time. The kids can pick up to three words to describe the day’s weather. I randomly put the clock’s hands on a number and Cameron figures out the minutes (it’s what he’s learning in math right now). Ani sets the clock to the actual time when we are doing the circle time activities.

Geography. For the world, we are going through the continents. The kids point to the spot on the world map. For the US, we are starting with states that have some meaning to the kids. Of course we’re starting with our own state. Again, they point to the correct state on the US map.

Latin match. Each week they have a about four words to learn in Song School Latin. They have to put the correct Latin word under the picture.

Fritz’s side: Letter and Number of the week. Fritz has to mach the correct capital and lowercase letters and count the dots and choose the correct number.

Fritz’s side: Color and Shape of the week (or two weeks actually since the newly introduced colors and numbers alternate in the Letter of the Week curriculum). Fritz has to match the color with the color name (matching colors since the color names are printed in the color they are – I could extend this for the older ones by printing the names of the colors in black or in a color different from the color the word represents) and match the shape.

The extra pieces are stored in baggies attached to the back of the board.

Oops Update

So two days ago we got Jamie’s associates degree diploma in the mail, but it was the one for which he didn’t apply for graduation. Today the mailman dropped off another package from the community college. This time I didn’t wait for Jamie to get home to open it. It’s his diploma for his ASIT – the one for which he DID apply for graduation. Guess now he just doesn’t have to bother applying for graduation for the first degree!


Jamie finished his coursework for his second associates in June. He had never applied for graduation for the first one because the advisor was at the further away campus and was never able to meet with him after 4 pm. Of course Jamie is still at work at 4 pm.

His advisor for the second associates was at the closer campus and could meet with him after work hours. So he did that and turned in the paperwork to get that diploma.

About a month ago we got a note that said his degree had been processed and he’d get his diploma in the mail by the end of September. It arrived yesterday. I was impressed with it getting her earlier than they said and left the package for Jamie to open.

He opened it last night and it’s for the first associates he earned. The one for which he never applied for graduation. Oops.

I do wonder if he’ll get the second diploma in the mail sometime next month. After all, he was long since done with the coursework for the first one and only just finished the coursework for the second one during the first half of the summer semester.

A few observations

Four kids officially makes a large family. Around here three is considered big, but we live in an area where people have one or two if any. But now that I have four kids I’ve noticed a few things.

1.) People are more likely to offer to come to us than to have us come to them. For example, Ian and I are on the activities committee at church. The leader asked if it would be okay with us to have the last meeting at our house rather than at hers so we wouldn’t have to bring over our bunch of kids.

2.) Shopping is easier done on-line than in person. The cost of shipping is nothing compared to the time and frustration of dealing with the kids while shopping. This includes shopping for clothes for the kids.

3.) I find myself actually counting the kids now. I used to be able to just look at them and see all three. Now I actually count them off quickly in my head – 1, 2, 3, 4. I’ve talked to several other moms of 4 and they have said the same thing so I don’t think it’s just a new baby thing (especially since he’s almost always in someone’s arms anyway).

4.) I get told very often that I have my hands full. Like at least once every time we are in public with them.

5.) I really love being a mom of four. It is just perfect for me.