Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Decimal Street

Cameron is in week 26 of Math-U-See Primer. He’s going super slowly, doing just one or two problems a day. He’s still working on consistently remember what the number 9 looks like so this is perfectly fine. He’s not quite ready for mastery right now.

But soon he will be moving on to Alpha. With Alpha comes learning place value and with learning place value comes one of my favorite Math-U-See things: Decimal Street! I made Ani’s Decimal Street out of construction paper and a poster board, but that is long gone now. So I needed to make a Decimal Street for Cameron and I decided this time I’d make it a little more durable in the hopes that the little boys will be able to use it, too.

I used a tri-fold display board that I got from Dollar Tree. Then I made the hundreds castle, the tens skyscraper, and the units little house. Each one hold 9 of the corresponding blocks. The mailboxes are labelled “Count Hundreds,” “Mr. and Mrs. Tens,” and “The Units.” I cut the grass strips using one of those fancy pairs of scissors that cuts in a design. In between the grass is the street of Decimal Street ready to have numbers written along it. I covered the whole thing in contact paper so it’ll both (hopefully) last longer and to be able to use dry erase markers on the street.

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