A Tour of Our School Area

We use half of the rec room for school. We used to do school sitting on the couch, but as Ani got older it became clear that she needed things to be a little more formal. And so we have done school down there for a few months now and it’s working out great. I’d still like to get a teacher’s desk for me to replace the card table, but for now this set up is working.

Our whole school area

Going around the area



Beside and behind my desk is Adrian’s cradle and a filing cabinet

Inside the top drawer of the filing cabinet are science experiment supplies, homeschooling paperwork, Book of Mormon Whiz Kids supplies, and various art supplies that don’t fit anywhere else

One bookcase holds books we’ve used in previous cores with things like Math-U-See manipulatives and flash cards sitting on top

The other bookcase holds the books we are using in the current core and things like art supplies in tubs with the next day’s books, office supplies, and audiobooks from the library on top

On the wall behind my desk is a display of all the art projects Fritz has done and the sight words and numbers that Cameron has memorized.

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