And yet another as seen on TV thing, again bought by Ani, mostly. This one she saw on TV and really wanted them so we went on-line and ordered them for her. We also added a second set so there would be plenty to share between the kids. It’s a good thing we did, because as soon as we got them, this was the scene at our dining room table:

Bendaroos are very similar to Wikki Stix, though my big kids have never liked Wikki Stix, but they love the Bendaroos. I think the Bendaroos are stickier and also easier to bend and manipulate.

Soon after we got them, Bendaroos projects started sprouting up around the house. Like on our bedroom doors.




And our computer.

The one drawback was the time it took to receive them. For the amount we had to pay in shipping you’d have thought they could have at least been quick. Nope. We ordered them June 1st. They said it would be 4-6 weeks. They arrived August 1st. Two full months.

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