Gotta love those unschooling moments

This morning ANi asked me if Pegasuses (Pegasi?) were in Greek Mythology. I told her I didn’t know where they were from. Apparently she read about them in a Saddle Club book she is currently reading.

I told her to look in the Greek Myths book we have for later in Core 1. She said no, that would be like school. She’d rather go to the library and ask the librarian for help looking it up. Because of course that’s nothing like school.

So then I told her to look in the P Compton’s Encyclopedia. She did and sure enough there is a Greek myth of Bellophron and the Pegasus. Then she decided to get the Greek Myths book and look it up. Amusingly the picture on the cover is Bellophron riding the Pegasus. She read the myth and then told me there was more in the Encyclopedia about it. She spent a little while reading the myths to Cameron.

And then something amazing happened. Fritz brought the Dr. Seuss ABC book over and was pretending to read it to Adrian. Cameron came over and volunteered to read it! He only read a little bit, but Cameron actually voluntarily read something!

Though we’re not unschoolers, I really love the unschooling moments. They are always great.

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