Circle Time Learning Board Thingy

The whole thing.

The date. We put a little sticker on the calendar to mark off the days. Then we change whatever needs to be changed on the season and date.

The weather and time. The kids can pick up to three words to describe the day’s weather. I randomly put the clock’s hands on a number and Cameron figures out the minutes (it’s what he’s learning in math right now). Ani sets the clock to the actual time when we are doing the circle time activities.

Geography. For the world, we are going through the continents. The kids point to the spot on the world map. For the US, we are starting with states that have some meaning to the kids. Of course we’re starting with our own state. Again, they point to the correct state on the US map.

Latin match. Each week they have a about four words to learn in Song School Latin. They have to put the correct Latin word under the picture.

Fritz’s side: Letter and Number of the week. Fritz has to mach the correct capital and lowercase letters and count the dots and choose the correct number.

Fritz’s side: Color and Shape of the week (or two weeks actually since the newly introduced colors and numbers alternate in the Letter of the Week curriculum). Fritz has to match the color with the color name (matching colors since the color names are printed in the color they are – I could extend this for the older ones by printing the names of the colors in black or in a color different from the color the word represents) and match the shape.

The extra pieces are stored in baggies attached to the back of the board.

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