The post in which Heather reveals she has no athletic ability whatsoever

Cameron randomly started running and jumping Friday night. He does stuff like that occasionally. We ended up talking about the long jump and looked at some YouTube videos (on our TV through the AppleTV!) of people doing the long jump. And then we all took turns doing the long jump.

And now we all know why I am not at all into sports.

Cameron and Ani are both about 4’1″ give or take half an inch. Cameron can jump about 6 feet and Ani a little less than that far. Jamie can jump about that far as well. As for me, well, I can jump farther if I start from standing still than if I run first and then jump. Even then it’s only about 2′. More like a big step really I suppose.



Fritz did more of a run and barely jump sort of thing. He really liked the running.


We couldn’t leave out Adrian, so here he is doing the long crawl. Or he would be if he could actually crawl.


Unfortunately given the space constraints in our living room we couldn’t get a full body shot of either me or Jamie jumping. It was either cut off our heads or cut off our feet. I decided to cut off our heads. I’m amazed Jamie actually got a picture of me with both my feet in the air. After all they weren’t off the ground for very long per jump.



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