Hurricane Gustav

Jamie works for a government agency doing the phones. In the case of a disaster like a hurricane, it is important to keep the communication lines available. And so, on Monday evening, he had a couple hours’ notice to get ready to go to Louisiana.

He went to an Air Marine base down there via a tiny little transport plane. It was just him, the pilot, co-pilot, and lots of equipment. They arrived in the middle of the night, in the middle of the hurricane. He spent the rest of the week getting the phones up and working and keeping them up and doing whatever else needed to be done in the office there.

An interesting side effect of those IP phones is that on Tuesday he could call me, but I couldn’t call him. I always got the recording telling me that all the phone line were busy. Guess he was doing his job well since he was able to get through to me no problem.

Luckily Gustav wasn’t nearly as bad as predicted and so instead of staying there up to two weeks, Jamie was able to come home yesterday. It’s nice having him home, particularly since he had been away at a conference most of the week before so we have barely seen him in the last two weeks. Adrian’s not quite sure who he is, though.





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