National Book Festival

We went to the National Book Festival on the mall in DC today. It was a fun day even though the weather wasn’t the best. It wasn’t especially hot, but it was very humid.

We rode into DC on the Metro. Sometimes I think that’s the highlight of any trip to DC for our kids! It was Adrian’s first time on the Metro. The other three have ridden on it loads of times.




Ani reading The Onion newspaper and pretending to look all studious doing it.

The Magic School Bus was there! The inside was pretty cool. Fritz loved it because there were so many things right at his level to look at.

I figured I’d better take a picture of the big kids getting onto the Magic School Bus. It may be my only chance to get a picture of them climbing on a bus!

Fritz was less than thrilled being next to Ord from DragonTales. He couldn’t figure out just why we wanted him to stand next to the big blue dragon.

Ani and Cameron (particularly Cameron) were both very excited to meet WordGirl. The event staffers took pictures of the kids with the characters and gave them to us for free.


They got balloons from DC’s booth in the states pavilion. While I exercised my right to nurse in public on any federal property my child and I are authorized to be on, the kids played on one of the sections of the grass.

We spent a long time in the states pavilion collecting stamps on the kids’ maps and getting things about each state to use in school in a few years.

And, of course, the trip home on the Metro was another highlight of the day for the kids.

Well, maybe not for Adrian. He was just sleepy.

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