Oh, boy

On Tuesday our country elected a socialist. It makes me sad that there are people who think it is okay to take hard-earned money from people making over $150,000 (or whatever the amount of the time is) and give it to other people. It makes me sad that so many in our country are so pro-choice (and, yet, the gay marriage bans went through… go figure) and would elect a man who referred to a pregnancy/baby as a “burden.” It makes me sad that socialism encourages people to be lazy. I mean, if you are going to get taken care of anyway, why bother trying. It makes me sad that Obama does not appear to respect the Constitution or state’s rights (we already had a war about those).

I read every page on his website in the “issues” section. I agree with some things. I disagree with a whole lot of things. I found some things just dumb because those aren’t his ideas, they are already happening. I don’t think McCain would have been excellent for the job either. I used to like Obama a lot. I voted for him in the primary. He talks pretty. He’s good looking. Then I started to listen to what he was saying rather than just the pretty words. When it comes down to it, I just don’t think he’s the right man for the job, and I agreed with him a lot less than I agreed with McCain. (Given the economy right now and given Romney’s experience with fixing things like that, I think we missed our chance for someone who could really help back in the primary time and McCain might have caused us to miss another chance by picking Palin instead of Romney.)

I don’t want a society that does not encourage people to work hard since they’ll get taken care of anyway through social programs. I don’t want society to get any lazier. It’s a sad future for my kids if that happens. In the Great Depression FDR created social programs. People dug ditches just to have them filled in by the next guy. There was a work ethic that made people not want to take money for nothing. People today are different. Some seem to like to take money for little or nothing. I don’t know why the change (Jamie thinks lotteries/easy gambling have strongly contributed.)

I hope Obama is a good president. He says he’s going to cut taxes, but looking at all the social programs he wants to fund, I just don’t see how he’ll be able to. It has to be funded somehow and the people he says he’ll raise taxes on, well, it’s awfully fuzzy math to even begin to think that amount will cover all those things. In the end, he is the president-elect like it or not and I will follow any laws he signs. I will support him in his capacity as president and will not do anything like refer to him as the “resident” or threaten to move to another country. That’s just divisive and stupid.

So, congratulations Obama. It really is cool that we elected a man that does not look white (his mother, and his grandmother who raised him, are/were lily white so he is not truly black as he is mixed race which, to me, is actually even cooler than electing a full black man since not so many years ago mixed race people were considered the lowest of the low and mixed race couples were illegal).

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