Bob the Builder Can, Too

So the other day my friend (you know, my, like, BFF) and I were talking and we joked that maybe Barack Obama got the idea for saying “Yes, we can” from Bob the Builder. You know, “Can we fix it? Yes we can!” My friend even made a post about it and I commented that he does have kids the right age for having watched good old Bob.

Do we think he got the slogan from Bob the Builder? Nope. But we were amused at the thought. It was good for a laugh.

Apparently someone who read her post and my comment does not understand lighthearted jesting. They replied and totally explained, seriously, why Obama would use that phrase and why it wouldn’t have come from Bob (I actually agree with what the poster said, but in light of the fact that we were joking around it totally made us laugh and go “Okay, then”).

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