Pompeii and the Roman Villa Exhibit

On Saturday we went to the Pompeii and the Roman Villa exhibit at the National Gallery of Art in DC. We just started learning about Rome in school so it was just perfect. It’s amazing to see things that are so incredibly old out on display. They had free Discovery Guides available (one for kids 7-12 and one for high schoolers). We used the children’s one as we went through the exhibit. We got to learn a little extra about various displays and it had some questions to get the kids thinking about the things they were seeing. It really added a nice additional bit to our visit. (There are no pictures of the artifacts because they requested that none be taken.)



In one small area there was a huge picture of Mount Vesuvius erupting in the 1800s (the one the kids are standing in front of above is not that one; this one was outside the exhibit). Cameron stood in front of it and demonstrated what happened to the Pompeiians back in 79 AD. He covered his nose and mouth with his hand and then fell over onto the floor. A man walking by laughed and said “Yes, that’s about right.”

And, of course, no trip to DC is complete without the obligatory Metro pictures. Sometimes I think riding on the Metro is the highlight of the trip.



We discovered it was easier to put Fritz in the stroller and for Jamie to carry Adrian some of the time. Fritz likes to run away. We had a 7 minute wait for the yellow line train at the Pentagon City stop. I told Fritz to put his hands behind his head and relax. I was quite amused when he actually did it.


Metro Surfing, the ever popular sport. The kids (and Jamie) like to practice their balancing as the Metro train moves along. We discovered that the newer trains are much smoother making Metro Surfing much easier, but a lot less exciting.

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